ViVs Design Learning Academy

We offer engaging, interactive online classes for all ages—our curriculums are for all types of learners.  We help individuals as well as their supports by providing effective online courses for grades k-12, career advancement, life-long learners, and professional development. ViVs Design Learning Academy also offers customized courses for businesses that need to deploy learning online.

Our curriculums and courses provide you with real-world experience so that you can immediately take your new knowledge and skills and apply them in your life. We create video lessons with cutting-edge interactive technology to help each student succeed.

Additionally, we provide real-life instructors for one-on-one virtual lesson sessions. You’ll never feel as if you are just “reading” and having to do the work by yourself. You will interact with one of our instructors based on the level of help you choose or need.  

We use the following learning management platforms and systems:

  • SeeSaw – see for your self some of our activities and assignments for k-12
  • Google Classrooms
  • Moodle

The ViVs Design Learning Academy is a 501(C) (3) organization, part of the InBetween Living Rehabilitation Center’s learning program.

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