Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a part of InBetween Living Rehabilitation Center’s Team of Doers and Innovators. We believe we have to create the future not just adapt to it. Working for our company means you believe the same. 


Our mission is to​ end the “blanket solution.” We want to provide and create affordable services as well as support for those who have autism among other disabilities. Our goal is to support those who live with their multiple disabilities and are forced to choose one disability. 

How will we do this: 

To become the world’s primary option when it comes to getting reliable services designed for those with disabilities. We want to make their lives easier through one innovative product, service, and idea at a time. 

Our Foundation 

100% Remotely Customer Focused (Can you be dependable). All of our positions are on location. We believe in being accessible to our customers. We come to them instead of them coming to us. By taking out the “you find me factor,” we create trust and accountability with our team. Therefore, all of the positions are based on the needs of our clients. 

100% Uniform Based (Can you represent our company). All of our employees will represent the brand of our company at all times. Every team member is given 3 shirts branded by our company and during the COVID-19 we will also provide face masks. 

100% Needs-Based Hours (Can you handle a rotating schedule). We believe that “scheduled based” no longer focuses on our customers. Therefore, we build a  “needs-based” work schedule to meet our client’s needs. 

100% Sellers & Explainers (We hire Doers). Everyone should be able to make a sale and explain who we are. We are all reaching the same goal no matter your role. Sell the company to whoever or whenever. We don’t believe in giving the runaround. It is expected that you remember our company, its services, how each service works, and how they connect. Without understanding and clarity, you cannot sell our brand or our company.  

Interviewing at Inbetween Living 

Online Application. In order to be considered for any position within our company, you must submit an online application 

Typical turnaround time 1 -6 months 

Assessments. Our assessment test can be handled either in person or online. The assessments determine whether or not we move forward with interviewing you. The assessments are given by your hiring manager. Assessments will not be given until the need for a position arrises. At that point, we will email applicants. 

Panel Interview. Panel Interviews are handled in group sessions either online or in-person (they last about an hour). 

IBL Training & Vocational College. Training lasts 2 weeks and is designed to teach you every aspect of our company.

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