What is InBetween Living

InBetween Living Rehabilitation Center (IBL) is a 501(c)(3) organization for individuals with more than one disability. Inbetween Living is a humanitarian organization and a charitable foundation that raises awareness about individuals who have autism as well as other significant disabilities.

Many with autism face also have additional disabilities. Therefore, we provide a holistic approach and offer the following to all eligible individuals who are part of our center:

InBetween Living addresses the gaps in these individual everyday life issues. At Inbetween Living, 85% of every dollar received helps fund programs and services to increase the well-being and growth of our clients at our center.

Through our crisis teams, volunteers, community living centers, Roku Channel, and educational programs, we educate the public on that there are people with more than one disability and the needs that should be addressed. We serve as one of the few “gap” reality organizations whose goal is to help create awareness among the general population to bridge gaps between autism and coexisting disabilities. 

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InBetween Living Rehab Program

IBL Rehabilitation Center provides 24-hour care, resource access, and support to create a permanent sense of well-being. 

The Program’s Mission 

It is to retrain, promote healing, and growth in our clients and their families. 

Our center helps individuals develop skills and beliefs that lead to self-efficacy. The support we provide includes taking care of each adult’s therapeutic counseling, emotional needs, and physical health, providing nourishing meals and recreational activities. Additionally we help them develop healthy relationships, and support their academic growth. We strengthen our clients over time with resources like a safe, structured, caring environment and by teaching them life skills that allow individuals to live healthy, productive lives. 

InBetween Living Rehabilitation (IBL) Center provides 20 beds CO-ED ages 18 and up in a highly structured environment with 24-hour therapeutic support. IBL Rehabilitation Center focuses residential program stay, that aims to provide stable treatments. Our highly specialized intensive residential program provides 24-hour care. We combine proven traditional treatment and real life-based treatment modalities to build resilient, inspired, strong, and empowered adults. 

Our Rehabilitation Focuses on 5 factors of stability 
  • Habits 
  • Self Worth
  • Appearance 
  • Accountability 
  • Follow Through 

Placement into one of our homes is not determined by a client’s location but rather room availability. The majority of our homes are 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and no more than 2 clients share a room. IBL’s Living quarters are spread out. Each home has 2 house parents (CNA’s). Find out our basic requirements to be accepted into our program.

What We Aim to Solve

Address Stability 

  • Create rehab centers teaching how to maintain everyday life, even with health issues 
  • Create vocational colleges that teach people with disabilities how to get and keep jobs
  • Develop stability services and research addressing current and future gaps 

Address Physical Needs 

  • Provide housing, clothing, and extracurricular activities
  • Create outreach teams and services helping clients with needs not focused on health 
  • Develop physical services and research to address current and future gaps 

Address Acceptance 

  • Teach acceptance that some disorders do not have cures
  • Recognize mental illnesses as a physical health issue 

Address the lack of awareness 

  • Help America create new policies and establish regulations acknowledging support needed for specific diagnosis
  • Create systems and processes that allow for faster mental health treatments 
  • Make aware the gaps and help build a new structure for clients 

Address Limited Options and Long Wait 

  • Create more on the go services that still offer and give access to face-to-face services 
  • Create medical transportation that helps clients get to and from services
  • Develop services and research so we can address current and future gaps

How Do You Get In?

Simply check out our basic eligiblity requirements and then contact us!

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